Football Strategy Game

A personal project where I try to blend the X's & O's strategy elements of American Football and the team building/synergy components of auto-battlers.

I am someone who is really into football, so much so that recently I been watching a lot of film study videos on YouTube where they get into the nitty gritty of why offenses and defense do what they do. Learning about all this was fascinating to me, but it also got me thinking about why you never see this side of the game explored in football video games, they mostly just focus on big play action. So I thought, "What if instead of putting the player on the field, you made them more like a coach, controlling the play-calling and roster-building aspects of the game?". And I have been playing a lot of Team Fight Tactics lately, a game where you act like a general controlling your army...

So I jumped into Unity to start building some core systems out. The design is still loose right now, but I plan on solidify more ideas/concepts as I build out the systems to give me inspiration and keep my ideas in check.

General Gameplay Outline

The game will have 2 core phases: team management & game day.

During team management players will be acquiring/removing players from their roster, setting their lineups, and picking their plays to bring into the next game. Ideally, I want to give players tools to build a gameplan against the opponent they would be versing, so they are adjusting their players and plays in meaningful ways.

This is then followed by a game day phase. Players will be in charge of selecting what play to run, potentially giving them the option to make pre-snap adjustments as well. I would love to have an emphasis here on cool camera work to hype up big plays if possible.

An overarching goal of all of this is simplifying the complexity of football strategy while still retaining the essence of what makes it a compelling topic.

Feature Focuses

Unit Placing & Pathing

Unit Stat Generation