Hi! I'm Devin Rapp, an aspiring Game Designer with an affinity for the technical aspects of the creative process. I push myself to practice my skills and find efficient ways to implement my ideas.

Featured Projects


Group Project, 9/2020 - 12/2020

Shadow Over Karth

Solo Project, 1/2020 - 4/2020


Group Project, 1/2019 - 4/2019

What Type of Work Have I Done?

Major Focuses

Technical Design | Application of design skills to write code that improves the game or performance of other team members.

System Design | Designing mechanics that drive the gameplay.

Minor Focuses

Level Design | Spatial design that caters to the systems I develop.

UI/UX Design | Improving player experience though juicy feedback and engaging visuals.

User Research Design | Collecting data through testing and analyzing data to identify weak systems.

Production | Organizing and planning team activities to facilitate an effective workflow